Sunday, 13 May 2012

Smoked Wild Boar

Ingredients (5 persons)                 Preparation
2 L
Salty water
Marinate wild boar in 10% salt solution overnight in the fridge
1 whole
Wild boar
Prepare barbeque
1/2 tree
Mango leaves
Add sand to base of smoke pot
Add fresh mango leaves on top of sand

Add meat ontop of barbeque

Close lid and wait till meat is well smoked
Suggestions for Serving:
Accompanying dishes: barbequed potatoes & sweet potatoes & fresh salad.
Preparations for serving: Eat meat with your hands.

The first thing you need to organise is some wild boar.
If you cannot find any, pork meat will have to do
though it does not taste as good.

The next thing you need is a qualified pig smokin' specialist.
Meet Jeremy - the latest candidate to attempt the Entebbe Boys
professional admission exams, with this recipe.
Good luck Jeremy!
Here he is,arriving with his specially purchased
aluminium smoking pot.

First, set up the BBQ.
For instructions on how to build one, click here.

Add sand to the base of the smoking pot.
It's best to use clean sand to avoid taste contamination.
More on this topic later...

Add freshly picked mango leaves on top of the sand.
They will provide the smoke needed for this recipe.

Add the grill, and check that your lid fits ontop of the smoke pot.

Add the meat.
Note that the meat has marinated over night
in a 10% saline solution in Jeremy's fridge.
Here is Hans carrying out the tape worm inspection.

The barbeque master starts the fire at 17:00 hours.

Three hours later there is still no sign of any smoke...

Another hour later... still no smoke...
Will Jeremy will fail the Entebbe Boys
professional admission exam?

Jeremy instructs the barbeque master to add more charcoal
and pump up the volume of that fire.

It worked!


Jeremy demonstrates the safe way to remove the lid.
(EBB Disclaimer: Do not do this at home!)

The meat is ready - and smells very nice indeed!

The smoked mango leaves are full of fat, and catch fire...
A very dangerous moment!

There are no pictures of us eating the meat.
Here is what is left of the mango leaves.

The next day we study the damage to the aluminium pot.
We recommend that you use a cast iron one instead!

Should we accept Jeremy as a member of the Entebbe Boys?
Please leave your comments below!

The votes so far:
Finland, France & The Netherlands - YES
Germany & Belgium - NO

The Entebbe Boys have noted the comments of the international community.
Thank you for your contributions.
We have asked Jeremy to give a final statement,
before deciding on his membership.
Here is what he said:

Jeremy 18th May 2012 - Having never written on a public site before it is with some trepidation that I put pen to paper.

As Malvolio said in Twelth Night "Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them." I find myself thrust into the midst of a challenging election campaign to become a member of the Entebbe Boys. Like "Gordon of Khartoum" (thanks for the comparison) I will maintain stiff upper lip until the last. I too must pass through a veritable gauntlet of dissenters. Poor old Gordon did not make it, but with a "cunning and devious plan" - I may yet prevail.
The Greeks likely believed they were welcome in the European Club for the long haul, so too until sadly reading the above comments I thought I belonged (to the Entebbe Boys), but the concerns of my Northern European "brother" and his interests for regulatory control/health and safety are noted, albeit they may bar my future aspirations.

I must away and generate support from whoever or wherever it can be found".  .......I will be back!
Anyone out there please help !


Sunday 20th May 2012: Thank you for your statement, Jeremy.
The Entebbe Boys will reach a final conclusion soon, European style...
For those of you who have not yet seen the comments - just click on "comments" below. 

Sunday 27th May 2012: The Entebbe Boys were just about to close the votes and declare a draw, when we noticed that Jeremy does have at least one family member who is willing to vote for him!

Congratulations & welcome to the Entebbe Boys, Jeremy!!!
Your next assignment (should you chose to accept it) is Fried Garlic Squid...

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Tajine with dates and almonds (Morocco)

  Ingredients (2 persons)                 Preparation
2 tab.sp.
Olive oil
Heat oil and butter in frying pan or pot
1 tab.sp
Add onions and “fruit” golden
Onions, chopped
Add spices and mix
2 tea sp.
Curcuma (curry)
Add meat; mix with oil / spices
1 tea sp.
Ginger, chopped
Add hot water till meat nearly submerged
1 tea sp.
Heat till boiling
1 kg
Goat meat (w. bone)
Fire low, cover, simmer 2 hr

Hot water
Take meat, remove bone, cut in small pieces, back in pot
125 g
Dates, no stones
Add dates & honey
1 tab. Sp.
Salt, much pepper – to taste

Salt, black pepper

The almonds
1 tab. Sp.
Olive oil
Heat oil in small frying pan
½ tab. Sp.
Add almonds; stir, fry golden
2 tab. Sp.
White almonds

Small bunch

Suggestions for Serving:
Accompanying dishes: Couscous; Green salad with lemon dressing
Preparations for serving: Put tajine on plates; sprinkle with almonds and parsley

This is one of Hans' best recipes, and Andreas also loves it as he was born in Morocco. You need some fresh goat meat for this, so get the driver (e.g. Lawrence) to take you down to the market. The current (November 2011) cost of goat is 12,000 UGX/kg, up 20% from September... If you cannot find a goat, a sheep also tastes nice.

Chop up the onions, and fry in butter with a little oil.
The oil stops the butter from burning.

When the onions are golden, add two tea spoons of curry powder,
one tea spoon of ginger and cinnamon powder.

When the onions start to smell really deliceous,
add the meat and let it fry for a short time with the spices.

Ideally you should have a whole leg of goat, with the bone.
Here we improvised by adding just a bit of meat on the bone to meat cut into cubes,
in order to reduce the risk of death by bone splinters.

Add enough hot water to nearly submerge the meat.
Heat until it boils, and then let is simmer on a very low flame.

Time to prepare the dates and the almonds.
Cut the dates in half and remove the pits.

Chop up the almonds.

Now it's time to wait for at least two hours as the meat simmers.
You can also wait for four hours if you want it really tender.
While waiting you can enjoy the noise coming from the party next door....

...discuss the effects of excess noise on consultant's performance on Mondays...

...discuss the Euro crisis...

It is getting dark - time to check on the Tajine.

Remove any bones from the meat, and cut the meat into cubes.
Add the dates (pits have already been removed earlier).

Add the honey, salt and pepper.

Fry the almonds in some butter and olive oil until they are nice and brown.

Add almonds to the pot, and let it simmer for a while.
The dates will melt away, leaving a rich, sweet sauce.

Time to make the couscous:
1) Boil water with some oil and salt.
2) Add couscous and remove from fire.
3) When it has soaked up all the water, add some butter.
4) Put back on fire and mix well.

Load the plates.

Add some freshly chopped parsley ontop of the meat.

Enjoy your goat tajine with dates and almonds!

Happy birthday Hans!